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Rent a yacht

In Hong Kong, chartering yachts for boat parties has become an increasingly popular entertainment activity. Feel the blue sky and swim in the sea in the bright sunshine, and the three confidants will sip champagne on the deck while talking. Under the deck is a beautiful living space, comfortable and well-equipped, including kitchen utensils, storage space, guest rooms, toilets and bathrooms for a pleasant and enjoyable holiday.

We rent yachts of different models and sizes to organize events for major groups or to hold private parties. Feel free to contact us for the price of rental yachts.


Step 1: contact us

There is a special person to contact the guest to follow up the rental yacht service, we ensure that we have the customer’s ideas and needs, and provide customers with the best rental yacht recommendation.

Step 2: Determine the chartering information

Determine the date, time, number of people, boarding and landing positions that guests need to use. The sooner you determine the chartering information, the sooner you can find the most suitable rental yacht.

Step 3: quote

Choose the appropriate rental yacht information and quotation for your reference, as well as catering and rental speedboat services.

Step 4: Payment

50% deposit will be paid after the guest chooses, and the remaining 50% will be paid the day before boarding.

Step 5: Confirm

After receiving the 50% deposit, confirm the receipt of the deposit by email and provide the vessel number and the master’s contact code. Confirmed booking details (eg vessel, number of people, props, food, etc.) cannot be temporarily cancelled or changed on the day of boarding. If the appointment does not appear as scheduled, the full amount paid cannot be returned.

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