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DeepSea Marine HK

Yacht sales, trustworthy
Your choice for renting a yacht

Our Services

We provide one-stop service for boat sales in Hong Kong, Yacht sales and Yacht renting


Yacht charter


Yacht sale


Yacht maintenance and management

A comprehensive selection of yachts are available from us

Why choose Deepsea?

1. The booking process is simple

Our booking process is clear and you can choose the ideal boat and complete your booking in just a few steps.

2. The price of the charge is clear

Yacht prices and rental charges are clearly stated to avoid any dispute.

3. Dedicated people to solve problems

We have a specialist who is responsible for following up the customer’s questions. Customers can check on [WhatsApp, Facebook Messeger], email ([email protected]) or call (852) 2580 0361.

4. One-stop service

From chartering, event props and customized arrangements, and even [holding weddings or commercial events], we are able to provide one-stop service assistance.